The Israeli Investment Committee (IIC) is a group within the New York Angels that focuses on finding, mentoring, funding, and enhancing opportunities for Israeli entrepreneurs to succeed through exit. New York Angels' ranking as one of the most active angel groups in the world stems partially from its strong networking connections in the U.S., which is the main fund-raising market for most Israeli startups.

Israel is renowned as a unique source for innovation and advanced technologies, but distance and cultural barriers often limit the ability of Israeli startups to raise money from U.S. angels at early stages of development. The IIC mission is to mentor Israeli startups and help them to bridge those gaps. We then foster relationships between the broader group of New York Angels and these Israeli startups, providing unique opportunities for the members to enhance their understanding of the Israeli entrepreneurial community and to obtain outstanding financial returns by investing in early-stage Israeli companies. 

The IIC is composed of over 15 active members from New York Angels. Our members are entrepreneurs, CEOs, venture capitalists and business leaders who have founded, funded and built world-class companies. Many are already working with Israeli startups and familiar with the challenges in both markets and together create an extensive network of entrepreneurial support.